Teeth whitening is recommended for patients who want a brighter, whiter smile. The treatments we recommend are completely non-invasive. The two options we recommend are bleaching trays and whitening strips.

For patients 13 years and older, at home white strips are safe to use. They can be purchased at your local drug store, super stores, or some grocery stores. You need to follow the directions on the outside of the box.

The other option we recommend is bleaching trays that are fabricated in the office. An appointment would have to be made to take an impression of your teeth. The bleaching gel would go into the trays that are made in the  office.

How to use bleaching gel:

  1. Squeeze a thin line of gel in the tray from premolar to premolar ( do not fill entire tooth hole up)
  2. Position the tray on teeth as instructed
  3. Leave tray on teeth for 30 minutes each day until desired result has been reached
  4. Be sure to rinse/brush tray after use
  5. Touch up or maintenance may be needed once every few weeks

Risks that may become present while bleaching/whitening teeth:

  1. Chemical burn to gingiva from gel
    1. correct issue by using less gel in the tray
  2. Pain associated with sensitive teeth and/or hot/cold sensitivity
    1. reduce time using gel
      1. use only every few days and reduce time to 15 minutes
    2. use fluorinated toothpaste and rinse-let sit on teeth for a minute or so

How to help avoid sensitivity:

  1. Avoid eating or drinking highly acidic items right before or after bleaching to avoid sensitive enamel
  2. Do not brush teeth right after use of gel to avoid making your teeth more sensitive


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