As we all know our stress levels are skyrocketing…whether it be from COVID-19 concerns, financial concerns, or family concerns, the amount of stress we are feeling each day is increasing!

But did you know that stress can effect your oral health!? Yes! A recent study has shown that especially since COVID-19, dentists are seeing a huge rise in oral health issues such as bruxism (teeth grinding), cracked or chipped teeth, TMJ, cavities and peridontal disease!

So what does STRESS do?
*Stress can lower your immune system and then the risk of infection in your mouth including gum disease can increase.
*Stress can cause you to clench your teeth together and grind them, which can then in turn cause cracking or chipping of your teeth.
*Stress causes the clenching that can cause TMD (pain and tightness in the joint of the jaw bones).
*Stress can cause dry mouth (also a side effect of the medications used for stress and depression…) and the first oral defense against bacteria is saliva. If there is less saliva, there is more chance of decay and gum disease!
*Stress can cause canker sores in the mouth.
*Stress can cause nail biting (YUCK!) which  introduces germs from under the nail into your mouth, but nail biting can also cause teeth to move out of position and damage those teeth.

What can you do to help manage your stress level??
** Get enough sleep: 7-8 hours nightly is recommended.
** Exercise (daily if you can).
** Find someone to talk to about your stress, sometimes just getting it off your chest helps!!

Reid & Reid In the Community

HandsOn! Museum is now open again to the public!! The “Little Tooth Exhibit” sponsored by Drs. Reid and Reid is a great place to learn about teeth and oral hygiene. HandsOn! is open TUES-SAT 9am- 4:30pm (closed from 12pm-1:30pm for cleaning). They would like you to sign up for the admission tickets online at

Here are some pictures of the exhibit: