Retainers are an important part of maintaining your orthodontic result for life!

Each orthodontic retainer is a custom made device.  Retainers  can be made of wires, plastic, and acrylic.

There are three types of retainers used in our office.  Hawley, Essix, or Fixed Retainers.

-The Hawley retainer is made of a metal wire that surrounds the anterior teeth to keep them in place while acrylic is in the palate of the mouth.  The acrylic provides tooth stability from the palate position.  An advantage of this retainer is that it can be adjusted for a continued fit as permanent teeth erupt and primary teeth fall out.

-The Essix retainer is a vacuum formed retainer made out of a polypropylene material.  This is a clear material that is “plastic like”. The plastic covers the biting surface of the teeth which can be a benefit for patients that grind or clench their teeth.  Another advantage of this retainer is tight control and stabilization of teeth after orthodontic treatment.

-A fixed retainer is a wire bonded to the tongue-side of the anterior teeth.  This retainer is used in conjunction with the Essix retainer.  If a fixed retainer is not properly maintained and monitored by an orthodontist, relapse (teeth moving back to a pre-braces position) can occur.  In addition, fixed retainers still require adjustments in diet and flossing by the patient in order to be maintained.

The retention phase is the last but critical component of orthodontic treatment.  Proper wear of the retainers, as your orthodontist has advised, is crucial to obtaining initial tooth stability and maintaining the wonderful result of orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Alison’s patients are scheduled to wear retainers:

-All day and night for 6 months: 20 hours out of a 24 hour day

-At night for 2 years: 10 hours per night

-Periodically for life to maintain teeth alignment: 3-4 nights per week initially which can decrease to once per week over time

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1 can(11 oz) refrigerated soft bread stick dough

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Events at Reid and Reid:

During the month of February, Dr. Richard will be visiting many of the Henderson County schools  for Dental Health Month. During his visit in the schools he will be educating the students while establishing a positive relationship with dental care.

Thank you to all of our patients who participated in our “How much sugar” contest! The correct  guess (listed from item with least amount of sugar to item with the most):

Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp–> Whole grain peanut butter crackers–>Chewy granola bar-Fruit by the Foot–>Peanut M&M’s-Butterfinger Snackerz