Thank you to all our patients!!!

May is patient appreciation month here at Reid and Reid!  We value each and every one of our patients! We would like to say thank you for trusting your dental and orthodontic care to us by having a month dedicated to you, our patients!  Please stop by the office during the month of May and pick up a coupon for a free scoop of ice cream at Kilwin’s. Enjoy a cool treat on us during the warm days to come!

Dental Trauma

The chance of a dental trauma occuring during the warmer months is more likely because everyone is more active. A dental trauma is any trauma to the face, mouth, lips, and teeth. There are several types of trauma but a blow to the upper front teeth is the most common. When a dental trauma occurs it is best to be treated by a dentist, who can accurately determine the problem and make the best treatment decision. If a tooth breaks or fractures, then the tooth may need a tooth colored filling or a crown to completely repair the tooth. Front teeth may also be hit and pushed out of the socket. Fortunately, these “avulsed” teeth can often be reinserted into the socket.  A root canal may be necessary to stabilize a permanent tooth for the best long term prognosis.  If a permanent tooth is knocked out the best course of action is to immediately place the tooth in milk to preserve it and call your dentist.  As mentioned previously, your dentist may be able to reinsert the tooth and temporarily attach it to the teeth on either side for stabilization.

Dental Protection

Dental mouthguards are a key element in the prevention of dental trauma. Different types of activities may require different types of mouthguards.  If a person is undergoing orthodontic treatment, Dr. Alison does have a type of mouthguard she recommends and provides this guard for each of her patients when needed.  A mouthguard is a universal safety measure that should be taken in several different sports and activities. For example, when players use mouthguards in football it is estimated that over 20,000 oral injuries are prevented annually. Mouthguards come in many different sizes so you can find one to fit each mouth appropriately to be effective and comfortable.

Also, remember to use safety procautions during daily living. A few ways to lower the chance of an injury is:

~ do not jump off of swings

~ use stairs when entering and exiting a pool,

~ be aware of your surroundings to avoid any tripping or slipping hazards and remove them if present.

Sweet Smiles  🙂

Below is our monthly recipe!

Berry Nice

Mix 1 Tbl. of fat free cream cheese with 1/4 tsp. of honey. Spread on whole wheat and top with your choice of berries. Enjoy!

Look what’s coming up

Dr’s Reid and Reid are excited to be involved in these upcoming community events:

May 4th–PB&J 5K

May 5th–GNAR

May 31st–Family Mud Fun