At Reid & Reid Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics we want our patients to have a positive and healthy dental/orthodontic experience. We are excited to have the opportunity to educate our patients in proper oral care and to help prevent future dental problems.

On the orthodontic side, Dr. Alison has recently partnered with Oral-B to participate in a program called Embrace-It. Through this program every new patient that begins full treatment receives an electric toothbrush and is supplied with toothbrush heads that are specific to brushing with orthodontic appliances.

When the orthodontic appliances are placed, the assistant gives the patient extensive instructions on oral hygiene with the braces. The patient is given a demonstration on the proper use of the toothbrush to ensure proper use at home. Examples of different levels of oral hygiene are shown, explained, and given to patients so they have a reference to use at home when caring for their teeth. The use of super floss is demonstrated as well as provided for patients. Flossing does take longer and is slightly more difficult with braces so we want to provide patients with convenient methods to maintain/establish an effective oral health routine.

We continue to help patients with their oral health routine throughout orthodontic treatment.  Each orthodontic adjustment appointments gives us the opportunity to evaluate the patient’s oral hygiene and to determine any areas of concern. When applicable, areas of concern are pointed out to the patient and proper brushing technique is reinforced. Patients may have difficulty adjusting to the care of braces and these regular appointments give us a great chance to educate and reinforce proper home care. The patient is given a “score sheet” with their oral hygiene score, indications for areas that need more attention, and home care instructions or recommendations.

Our patients that are in full orthodontic treatment are enrolled in a point system where patients earn points that are converted  into gift certificate dollars. At each regularly scheduled orthodontic appointment, the patient’s oral hygiene is evaluated and graded. Points are earned if hygiene is excellent or good, all brackets are still bonded, and if the office T-shirt is worn as the patient’s shirt of the day. The gift certificates that we have available to patients are from Old Navy, Target, Wal-Mart, and Epic Theatre. The point system helps to encourage patients to take responsibility of their teeth with positive reinforcement.

At Reid & Reid we are concerned not only with the orthodontic result, but the entire overall dental health of our patients.   We appreciate the trust our patients place in us and will continue to do what we can to ensure our patients have a positive experience.

Coming Up:

Reid & Reid is excited to be sponsors for the Flat Rock YouTheatre Winter Festival running in December.  Both the Flat Rock YouTheatre website and the Flat Rock Playhouse website have more information.