Consumer Trends Can Affect Oral Home Care

Consumer Trends in oral home care can come and go. Some trends can be good and result in innovation and other trends can be revealed to be not good.

Each year new dental care products are introduced each one claiming to be more effective than similar older products. Recently, Charcoal toothpaste has become widely marketed as an effective tooth whitening agent. Charcoal has previously been used to attract particles of toxins and poisons in the body in emergency rooms prompting the idea that charcoal can be used to remove the stain particles from the teeth.  At this time, Charcoal toothpaste has not been tested enough to have research on the possible effects of long term use.

Charcoal is a very abrasive substance that has the potential to wear down enamel on teeth. The enamel is the outermost, protective layer on teeth that is essential for long term dental health. When “trying out” a new product such as toothpaste containing charcoal, use sparingly at first until the effects can be determined.  In addition, consult your dentist with any questions or concerns about a new product being marketed.

A natural way to whiten teeth, slowly yet effectively, is rubbing an orange peel over your teeth. The change in color will be a subtle change but a natural one.

Whitening kits can be often be purchased at your dentist’s office and are a safe and effective way of teeth whitening. Your dental office can help you decide the best kit for your whitening needs. When receiving the kit, proper instructions on the use of the whitening agent will be discussed with you by the dentist or a staff member.

Essential oils are being marketed for a number of uses today. Consumers have started using essential oils for anything from insomnia to stress control. There are even essential oils that you can use in your water during the day. The true question though is, are they safe for your teeth? A neutral pH level is 7. Milk and most water typically has a neutral PH level. Sodas can go as low as a 2.5 pH level and citrus drinks can have a 3 pH level. Research on the essential oils that can be placed in water shows that the pH level maintains around a 6.5. This means that the oils should be safe for your enamel.

Essential oils may also help to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Cinnamon can help to combat strep throat and gingivitis. Peppermint may help to eliminate germs and to heal soft tissue(like gums) wounds. Myrrh may be helpful in supporting overall gum health and in healing mouth ulcers.

Before trying any new personal healthcare product, research the new product and speak to your doctor/dentist about how the new product may be helpful to you.

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